Thank you for visiting P2 Peformance Bands! Our Goal is to help you ON and OFF the Horse

About Us

The P2 Resistance Bands are designed by experienced senior Physiotherapist (over 13 years experience in the field), prior International Dressage & Event Rider, Performance Physiques Director Britta Anna Pedersen.

The ‘On Horse’ arm bands are designed at a 10” complete loop (shorter than the usual 12” mini band Loop you see out there). This is at an ideal circumference for a Riders Arm/hand position on the horse, whilst recruiting the maximum posterior shoulder engagement ... Hello, Quiet Hands!

The P2 Glute Loop is a booty band with a difference! It has been carefully designed and tested by Britta with a maximum width to engage and recruit your Gluteus Medius during training (The Postural stabilizer of the Glute Chain)